Genome waives fees for Ukrainians

Genome, an Electronic Money Institution licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Lithuania, waives its fees for Ukrainian citizens in order to help them open EUR accounts.

This means that Ukrainians will no longer have today an opening fee and all transfers will have a temporary 6-month discount period.

For more details, Genome created an information page in Ukrainian.

Since over 2 mln Ukrainians have already fled to Europe saving themselves from the war, Genome decided to support them by opening up personal IBAN accounts in EUR, receiving payments and transfers from EU-based banks, making online payments, and SEPA transfers.

All users get a virtual debit card for instant access and transfers, and a physical card as well with delivery within EEA region.

My heart is broken because of this horrible war. We disapprove of Russia's invasion and pray for this war to be over as soon as possible. All my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and now we’re doing what we can to help the people who need it
Daumantas Barauskas, CEO of Genome


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