German seniors to make most purchases online in 2022: survey

Over 9,000 consumers from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden participated in the poll

German seniors

German seniors to make most purchases online in 2022: survey. Source:

According to Klarna, 63% of German 56-65-year-olds plan to do the majority of their shopping online in the next year. Neither Americans (43%) nor the Scandinavians who are otherwise so online savvy (Sweden: 55%, Norway: 35%, Finland: 42%) aim to do it.

Indeed, Germans rely on online shopping: 70% of those surveyed want to do the majority of their purchases online in 2022. This puts them ahead in a global comparison. For instance, Swedish consumers are in second place with 65%, closely followed by the British with 62%. They are followed by Austria (54%), Norway (53%), Finland (52%), the Netherlands (51%), the US (49%), and Australia (46%).

By contrast, only 9% of Germans would order food online. This puts them in penultimate place ahead of Austria (5%). The British are completely different: 33% of those surveyed would buy food online in 2021. This is followed by the US and Australia (both 23%), Sweden (21%), the Netherlands (17%), Finland (15%) and Norway (10%).

When shopping online, the majority of senior citizens make purchases on the computer. 80% of the 56-65-year-olds and 84% of the over 66-year-olds prefer it when browsing online. Only a few of the respondents would use tablets (56-65 years: 8%, 66+ years: 8%) or smartphones (56-65 years: 8%, 66+ years: 9%).

Thanks to the pandemic, convenient shopping from the sofa at home has become the new normal for the general public. In addition to the young digital natives, more and more older consumers are discovering the advantages of online shopping and using them to shop easily and securely. This gives retailers the opportunity to develop more and more customer groups and increase their sales in e-commerce. The consistent expansion and optimization of our own online channels and especially the online shop is a necessary step for this
Thomas Vagner, Country Lead DACH

PaySpace Magazine considers that despite all of the disastrous coronacrisis outcomes, global lockdowns made seniours more tech-savvy. Meanwhile, we suggest you take a look at how shopping behavior differs from generation to generation.

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