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Germany-based major retailer launched its payment solution

Good news for Lidl customers in Germany

Lidl Pay

Germany-based major retailer launched its payment solution. Source:

Lidl has rolled out Lidl Pay in Germany, according to the official announcement.

The payment solution available in the Lidl Plus app will enable customers to pay, redeem coupons, receive digital notifications, and cash in their points by scanning the app at checkout. Remittances will be made via the customer’s current account through a direct debit.

Activating the app’s features requires the customers to enter their address and bank data under the Lidl Pay option. Customers willing to pay via Lidl Pay must authorize the payment with a Face Id, fingerprint, or PIN prior to scanning the app.

First-time customers on the Lidl app will get a £5 coupon. This can be redeemed on their next transaction worth over £30. Customers will also get personalized content that is based on their past shopping experience. So far, around 40 products will be recommended to users bi-weekly.

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