Returning to school can speed up the resumption of UK SMBs’ work

The company surveyed 850 limited company owners and sole trader business leaders

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Returning to school can speed up the resumption of UK SMBs’ work. Source:

According to Enterprise Nation, 21% of small businesses expect their productivity to improve when children return to school. Research also showed that 26% of businesses will be able to resume full working hours without childcare demands.

After the closure of schools, British business owners began to increase their working hours by working more than 4 hours over the average workweek. Since childcare and homeschooling are no longer on the agenda, SMEs in England and Wales can devote that time to their business.

The data also showed that another 1 in 10 expect their employees to work more hours. Among those, 14% of small businesses report that their business will be able to work properly when their children return to class.

The government’s roadmap for getting out of isolation has also boosted confidence. Now 61% of business owners believe that easing social distancing will allow them to start planning for the future again, and 27% say the plans have increased their desire for expanding their business.

More than half of our customers are parents and we’ve seen determination that they’ve demonstrated in the face of the pandemic, juggling homeschooling with work commitments. The reopening of schools offers a welcome chance for entrepreneurs to refocus their efforts on managing their businesses and seeking opportunities to grow in these unpredictable times
Symmie Swil, Head of SME Banking at Starling

PaySpace Magazine anticipates that UK workers’ productivity will rise as they won’t have to cope with permanent distractions caused by their children while working remotely. As to those employees whose kids cannot return to school, we suggest taking a look at 8 tips on how to ensure remote work productivity.

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