Global gaming industry to triple its revenue in 2020

The global gaming industry is prospering and set to reach new highs

global gaming industry

Global gaming industry to triple its revenue in 2020. Source:

According to, the global gaming industry will be worth at least $159.3 billion in 2020. That’s almost three times bigger than the music industry, whose revenues in 2019 were $57 billion.

Nevertheless, the box office industry was worth only a quarter of this, as its revenues amounted to $43 billion a year ago.

The research highlights that at least 48% of the gaming industry’s revenues are traceable back to mobile gaming. The figure has grown from 45% in 2019, making mobile gaming the largest segment of online gaming.

The data predicts the mobile gaming segment to reach $77.2 billion this year, marking a 13.3% growth YoY. In contrast, the PC gaming space will reach $36.9 billion in revenue which would mark a 4.8% increase YoY. As to console game revenues, they would be worth $45.2 billion, a 6.8% increase YoY.

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