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Goldman, MSCI and Coin Metrics Joined to Create Digital Asset Classification System

The new framework for digital assets classification is designed to help all stakeholders to monitor market trends, analyze portfolio risk and returns, and help build new products

Digital Asset Classification

Goldman, MSCI and Coin Metrics Joined to Create Digital Asset Classification System. Source:

Goldman Sachs in collaboration with MSCI and Coin Metrics has launched a Datonomy classification system for the digital assets market. The new service classifies coins and tokens based on their usage.

“The collaboration brings together MSCI’s expertise in critical decision support tools and services, Coin Metrics’ intelligence in the digital assets space, and Goldman Sachs’ innovative platforms paired with over 150 years of experience in financial markets to help solve this problem for clients.”
Anne Marie Darling,
Head of Marquee Client Strategy and Distribution at Goldman Sachs

Systematisation is supposed to provide a consistent overview and analysis of the digital assets ecosystem. In a current poorly regulated digital asset environment, market participants need help navigating the asset categories, defining their risk profile and understanding their returns.

Moreover, datonomy will increase the transparency of the market movements. It can be licensed for a variety of use cases, such as the review and assessment of portfolio performance and reporting. 

Investment analysis and index firm MSCI is the owner and sole administrator of the Datonomy system. The firm will leverage its experience with equities classification systems to offer an efficient investment tool. It should help clients understand digital asset trends and investment opportunities, as well as measure the risk exposure of their portfolios. 

Meanwhile, MSCI will expect insights and suggestions from the industry players. Those will join the Advisory Board along with Goldman Sachs and Coin Metrics.


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