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Google buys a smartwatches producer

Google to compete with Apple on the smartwatches market

Fitness-tracking device

Google buys a smartwatches producer. Source:

Google has acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion to increase its strength in the market. From now on, Fitbit should give Google further information about user fitness and wellness to produce smart-watches and trackers on the Android platform. Google, along with Fitbit, is expected to produce smart-trackers able to compete with the capabilities of Apple Watch Series 5.

Smart-watches were a revenue saviour for Apple in its most recent quarterly results, and the biggest selling point for these devices are health and wellness. Google doesn’t have a comparable product, and has in fact struggled to give its OEM partners a good smart-watch operating system for the Android market
Lynnette Luna, Principle Technology Analyst at GlobalData

As to the Fitbit user’s data, Google promised to keep its ad algorithms away, avoiding to mention anything about artificial intelligence, which is the core of making improved and more customized products. Those Google customers using products like Google Assistant and Nest will have to trust that their data is safe.