Google is set to introduce a new hybrid work schedule

Employees will also have the choice to temporarily base their operations from their regular workstations for up to four weeks


Google is set to introduce a new hybrid work schedule. Source:

According to the announcement, Google is shifting towards a hybrid work schedule. This comes as the tech giants’ workers voluntarily resume work at the company’s offices. The working plan pilot will see workers spend two days working remotely and three from the offices. The workability of this plan will be based on the employee’s teams and their product focus.

Google will also offer its employees opportunities to work remotely. And by mid-June, the company will set a schedule that will enable more workers to work in different offices.

The development of more remote work roles will also be completed soon. The company will prioritize the wants of teams in remote roles and those working from different workstations.

Employees’ remuneration will be modified as per options taken such as remote working or working from different offices. An estimate shows that 60% of the company’s employees will work in the company’s offices several days every week. Another 20% will base their work from home while the other 20% will opt for the newly set Google offices.

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