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Google Launches Blockchain Node Engine: How Can It Help Web3 Developers 

Google’s fully managed node-hosting simplifies node infrastructure and onboarding

Google Blockchain Node Engine

Google Launches Blockchain Node Engine. Source:

On Oct. 27, tech giant Google introduced a proprietary Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) based on Google Cloud. This node-hosting service enables Web3 companies to transmit transactions, deploy smart contracts, and add or access blockchain data in a cloud environment. 

Managing a blockchain node by yourself is difficult and time-consuming. BNE service can make this process simpler and faster, automating some operations and facilitating onboarding for blockchain developers.

Technically, the process will look like this: developers deploy a new node with a single operation and specify the desired region and network (mainnet, testnet). The service places nodes behind a virtual private cloud firewall, where only trusted machines and users can reach them.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud actively monitors the nodes and restarts them during outages as needed. In addition, in-house security services such as Google Cloud Armor would protect the nodes from distributed denial-of-service attacks. 

Other benefits of BNE include real-time node and network insights, on-demand analysis and integration, managing encryption keys, etc. The service also provides co-sell and growth opportunities, e.g. promotion on Marketplace, as well as support for both on- and off-chain governance.

At this point in time, Ethereum is the first blockchain supported by BNE. 

Some prominent Web3 companies — including Solana, Hedera and Dapper Labs — are already onboarded with Google Cloud.


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