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Banco BPI Opens in Metaverse

Portuguese bank BPI now has a virtual branch which customers can visit using Meta’s Oculus VR headset

Banco BPI Metaverse

Banco BPI Opens in Metaverse. Source:

BPI VR branch is 3D immersive and features different business areas and segments, including retail, private and corporate.

To complete the project, the Portuguese bank cooperated with Unity Technologies, the VR and AR specialist behind Pokémon Go.

The innovative experience allows users to walk around two floors, learning about and interacting with various banking offers. The VR branch simulates services like savings, mortgages and personal loans. In addition, the metaverse bank provides entertainment features such as a mini-golf game.

To enter the BPI VR virtual office, you need Meta’s Oculus VR headset. Moreover, BPI delivers the headsets to more than 100 physical branches around Portugal for customers to experiment with the new virtual reality offer. 

At present, the branch works like an immersive media presentation. However, BPI believes VR could eventually serve as a new online banking and sales channel.

"We believe that the way people live with digital platforms will be much more immersive in the future, and we want to pioneer a new way of interacting with our customers, who are at the heart of our business."
Francisco Barbeira, executive board member, BPI


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