Half of younger Scots rent or live with parents

The survey shared opinions of over 2,100 18 to 34-year-olds living in Scotland


Half of younger Scots rent or live with parents. Source:

According to the latest research from Bank of Scotland, 25% of young Scots say a lack of knowledge is a key barrier to home ownership. In fact, two-fifths (39%) are unable to confidently explain how a mortgage works.

The survey has found that the greatest obstacles to getting onto the housing ladder remain affordability (73%), saving for a deposit (62%), and the availability of suitable properties (34%).

For now, nearly half of young Scots either rent from a private landlord (34%) or live with their parents (16%), and a fifth (21%) hold a mortgage.

Fewer than a quarter of those living with their parents are doing so through choice, and 75% are living in the family home, as they’re unable to afford to move out.

Looking to the future, young Scots who are aiming to get a foot on the property ladder, believe this will be achievable by the age of 31. That’s slightly longer than the current average age of Scotland’s first-time buyers of 30.

Meanwhile, some of the nation’s young adults anticipate their home-owning dreams to be boosted by inheritance, 34% expecting to receive an inheritance in the future, with half intending to spend this money on a property.

However, just over one in 10 (11%) believe they will never be in a position to afford their own home.

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