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Here’s how Amazon helps European businesses tackle counterfeit

Amazon launched this program in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK

Amazon counterfeit

Here’s how Amazon helps European businesses tackle counterfeit. Source:

Amazon has launched the IP Accelerator, making it easier for SMBs to trademark and protect their brands from counterfeit goods.

The IP Accelerator, available for any brand that is sold in Amazon stores, connects entrepreneurs with a highly curated network of European law firms. They specialize in intellectual property rights.

Law firms will charge SMBs at competitive and agreed rates to give sellers confidence in their costs to acquire a trademark. Also, SMBs can also seek advice on intellectual property issues from these law firms.

Amazon launched IP Accelerator specifically for small business owners as large enterprises are four times more expected to register their IP rights. Small business entrepreneurs don’t defend their rights because they don’t have enough knowledge of the intellectual property.

For entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting a business, this can seem difficult, which is why Amazon provides budget assistance to all SMBs in Europe. This includes over 150,000 European-based SMBs that are selling on Amazon. Channel partners still account for more than 50% of the products that Amazon sells in its e-stores.

For businesses that want to prevent unauthorized parties from using their brands or ideas, intellectual property rights are especially important. If entrepreneurs choose to license their goods or services to third parties, the ownership of intellectual property can also create additional sources of income.

Companies that use IP Accelerator will also have access to Amazon’s broader services. They will concern brand protection months or years before their trademark is officially registered. Brands can also detect and report suspicions of infraction to gain greater influence over the product information displayed on Amazon product pages. In this way, customers will be able to make confident and informed purchasing decisions on Amazon.

We’ve reported that Amazon will expand its counterfeit prevention program Transparency to Japan and Australia, making it available in 10 countries where Amazon has a store.


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