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Uber brings new delivery service ahead of holidays

Canadian customers will have their parcels delivered right to their doorstep

Uber holidays

Uber brings new delivery service ahead of holidays. Source:

Uber has unveiled Uber Direct, a fast and contactless way to manage the delivery process for Canadian retailers. On the eve of the holiday season and active online shopping, Uber also announced its collaboration with Bond Brand Loyalty, a marketing services provider.

The Uber Direct transformative solution allows retail e-commerce and loyalty program operators to fulfill customer expectations for fast delivery. Clients who redeem loyalty points for rewards can get their items in a couple of hours instead of several days.

Uber Direct relies on the recent development of Uber Eats into grocery and convenience-store delivery. Retailers and businesses can now use Uber’s technology as an effective way to move stuff between locations.

With the pandemic, delivery has evolved from a luxury to a utility as businesses look for—and consumers expect—real-time fulfillment. We’re pleased to partner with Bond Brand Loyalty to accelerate their delivery standard for loyalty point rewards from days to within hours
Ronnie Gurion, General Manager, Uber for Business

Customer loyalty to the brand will be formed depending on the speed and reliability of delivery. In fact, 74% of those surveyed reported: same-day delivery increased their brand satisfaction.

Besides, the Bond Loyalty Report showed that the main factors of redemption loyalty are the simplicity of the redemption process and the time required to receive rewards (a 6.8X satisfaction lift).

Meanwhile, a third of customers said that for many years they have prioritized speed and convenience and are willing to pay a premium for improved service.

We’ve reported that 39% of Brits have signed up for a paid subscription scheme or delivery pass. That means they pay a monthly fee to get free delivery and other extras.


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