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Here’s how IT companies increase cyber security

The report sheds light on how IT companies are managing security issues

IT companies

Here’s how IT companies increase cyber security. Source:

The Swiss company Lucy Security has revealed that 81% of companies carry out phishing simulations.

Although, only slightly more than half of the companies already include their employees in their security arrangements. For instance, only 51% of companies use a phishing alarm button.

Meanwhile, 49% don’t use this function and thus do not exploit the full potential of their staff. The so-called “human firewall” is not activated.

Cybersecurity awareness has increased in recent months in 92% of the companies, the report states.

Besides, 96% also agree that cybersecurity awareness has led to a higher level of security in their company. 98% of them are convinced that security awareness measures make attacks by cybercriminals more difficult.

We’ve reported that almost 60% of organizations have faced an increased number of disruptive attacks during 2019.


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