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Here’s how many Americans will use contactless payments in future

The study gathered insights from 1,037 Americans ages 18 to 74

contactless payments

Here’s how many Americans will use contactless payments in future. Source:

Fiserv has found that 33% of consumers surveyed have increased their use of digital and contactless payments. Meanwhile, 69% plan to use more contactless payments in the future.

Shifts in consumer behavior have driven rapid adoption of digital purchasing types that limit physical interactions. As businesses begin shaping new e-commerce strategies to bring additional digital consumers in, it’s equally critical that businesses maintain consumer trust by securing the customer data they acquire through digital channels
Alain Barbet, head of Payments Risk Solutions at Fiserv

These contactless payment capabilities include the use of mobile wallets, in-app purchases, QR сodes, “buy online, pickup in-store”, curbside transactions, etc.

While credit/debit cards (52%) and cash (43%) remain preferred payment types, 33% of consumers use mobile apps for payment. Only15% use QR codes.

In fact, 43% of consumers recently used BOPIS while 50% have taken advantage of curbside pickup

The biggest adopters of mobile app payments are Gen-Z accounting for 41%.


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