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Here’s how many Scots have secret savings: survey

Almost 29% of people are unaware of their partner’s savings while 16% do not know how much their life partners earn


Here’s how many Scots have secret savings: survey. Source:

A survey involving over 3,800 showed that only 6% of persons living in Scotland suspect their partners of hiding cash, according to the research from Bank of Scotland.

This is close to twice as half of the people who do so. Women are more likely to have a savings account that their partners are unaware of (12%) compared to men (10%).

Over 21% keep their money separately while 77% of couples share their income when covering monthly expenditure and outgoings.

For lots of partners, money discussions remain taboo. Less than 44% of people rarely talk about money while 20% do not hold money talks with their partners. 3% never talk about money with their partners.

43% of people are likely to rely on their partners when seeking financial support while 17% would rather speak to their bank.

Money secrets across regions vary. 15% of people in the West and 14% in Central Scotland are more likely to hold money secrets with their partners. 7% of people in North East Scotland and Glasgow are more honest about their savings to their partners.

89% of people in South Scotland are open about their earnings to their partners. They also know the incomes of their partners. In Glasgow, 78% know how much their partners make.

While it can take time to have grounding financial rules in domestic partnerships, it is important to be in a comfortable situation, one where nobody is forced to reveal their financial information.

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