Here’s how much Amazon sellers make up of UK’s retail sales

Although Amazon is not only a major retailer itself, it’s also a marketplace for many sellers worldwide


Here’s how much Amazon sellers make up of UK’s retail sales. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, there are 13,500 Amazon sellers in the UK who, together, make almost €3 billion a month. With this amount of money, they make up 5.5 percent of total retail sales in the UK.

Most sellers can be found in product categories such as grocery and beauty. But when it comes to the average monthly revenue per seller, these categories are somewhere at the bottom of the list, new research from Thrasio and SmartScout shows.

According to Thrasio’s director of UK acquisitions, Jim Mann, this data shows the enormous opportunities that Amazon is creating for sellers across the UK.

And for companies selling a lot of money on Amazon UK or any of the other marketplaces of Amazon in Europe, there’s always the chance they get noticed by the many Amazon seller acquisition companies (or they can contact these companies themselves).

Whether you’re selling football equipment from your basement in Manchester or living in Birmingham and creating the next great ecommerce DIY shop, sellers on Amazon’s marketplace can follow their passions and make money doing so
Jim Mann, Thrasio’s director of UK acquisitions

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