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Here’s how much pocket money UK kids to get in 2021

Let’s take a look at how much money kids make from doing household chores

UK kids pocket money

Here’s how much pocket money UK kids to get in 2021. Source:

According to Barclays, children in the UK will receive an average of 8.2% more for doing household chores in 2021 compared to 2020.

Young people in Edinburgh are set to benefit from the pay rise most, with 84% being given pocket money in exchange for the housework. Indeed, the rise will benefit many of their peers across the country, too, as children in Glasgow (72%), Norwich and Sheffield (73%), Southampton (71%), Liverpool and Manchester (70%) earn their spending money in the same way.

The data shows most UK children get pocket money for doing chores (67%), followed by receiving a financial incentive for being well behaved (50%), doing well at school (48%), and doing their homework (36%). Only 8% are given money for no reason.

Meanwhile, 74% of parents agree that their children appreciate money more when they earn it through household chores.

In addition, by simply sorting the recycling and taking the bins out each week they could pocket over £135 throughout 2021.

Leading the way in the league table is feeding pets, which has gone up 17.8% in payment. This is closely followed by setting/clearing the table with a 15% increase, emptying the dishwasher with 13.5%, and folding the laundry at 8.8%.

We’ve reported that the number of kids receiving pocket money as cash dropped.


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