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How a successful business can help achieve the American Dream

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The American Dream represents the capability to achieve success regardless of your race, the place you were born, or what class you were born in, and many believe that the American Dream can only be achieved through hard work, risk-taking, and sacrifice and not just by chance. However, every single person can define the American Dream in their own way. For some, the dream may be homeownership, getting the perfect job, or simply starting a family and living a normal life.

American Dream

How a successful business can help achieve the American Dream. Source:

We went through some free essays on the American dream that teachers required from students, and many of them represent the Americans as a nation that lives their lives in a search for better opportunities and greater success. However, one essay on the american dream that truly caught our eyes stated that “Achieving the American Dream Means Achieving Freedom in every possible way,” and we can’t agree more because freedom is the most important element of the American Dream.

In this modern time, almost everyone is working towards achieving that ultimate freedom. And because of that, the values shifted so much that nowadays, if an employer wants to keep high-quality employees or hire new ones, they have to offer flexible and rewarding opportunities that will allow the employees to have a nice life too.

And that is the main reason why the most frequent answer to the questions, how to achieve the American dream or what is the American dream, is owning a business. Being an Entrepreneur allows people to livin the american dream while providing helpful services or products to others. And instead of working for someone else, they are the CEO, and they can run their business and pursue their passion in the way they want to. Becoming an Entrepreneur, in some cases, requires the proper university education, but all of those lessons and exams can be worth it in the end because you will be able to enjoy the benefits that are offered from owning your own business.

Some of those benefits include:

Freedom: Since you are your own boss, you get to make all the decisions. No one decides how much you will get paid, how long does your lunch take, or when you should come to work.

Scalability: You may start your business on your own, or just with one employee, although if your business starts growing, and if you become more successful, you can hire as many employees as you want, and they can care about your daily task. Also, by hiring more people, you can help them and give them the opportunity to succeed and someday even achieve their own version of the American Dream.

Passive income: You may need to work extremely hard and invest some money at the beginning, but once your business is stable, you will be able to earn money for no additional work. This can make a huge difference because if you work for someone else, you will only make money if you go to work.

Time: If you achieved the stage of passive income, you would also receive a lot of free time that you can use to do whatever you want. Train, spend time with family, travel, or even start another business.

However, as we said, the Ultimate goal is freedom, so if you are afraid of risks, you can always choose to start a business that has minimal risk, such as starting a blog or writing a book. Whichever business idea you choose to start, it will definitely allow you to live comfortably, visit amazing places, meet new people, achieve financial stability, and even someday, maybe your business will become a legacy for your children. So, if your definition of the American Dream contains owning your own business, stop waiting and start working on your ideas.


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