Best of the week: Shiba Inu coin, financial literacy for kids, Australia’s economic forecast

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week.

1. What is the Shiba Inu coin?

While cryptocurrencies are on the rise, many new investors are seeking opportunities to join the market. However, trading BTC is quite expensive today. Hence, people are exploring different options, including lesser-known cryptos. As we’ve seen before, media hype can create value, even for joke tokens like Dogecoin.

If the name of this token leaves you in the dark, and you are wondering why the so-called “Doge Killer” is skyrocketing all of a sudden, keep reading.

2. ATMINSEC ATM Security Conference and Exhibition

ATMINSEC ATM Security Conference and Exhibition will be held on 1-2 June 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. ATMINSEC is a global and niche conference with its focus on ATM Security technologies and solutions.

ATMINSEC is one of the most important conferences in EMEA region on ATM Security technologies and solutions. An intensive participation is expected to the ATMINSEC 2021 Conference from Turkey and many other countries. ATMINSEC 2021 Conference is an unmissable conference.

3. Australia’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

The global spread of the pandemic ravaged the world’s economy and the Australian economy was no different. Due to the novice nature of the crisis the world’s markets and economies panicked, resulting in worldwide lockdowns, together with a strong bearish sentiment in the capital markets.

However, after a while as things started to clear out, the phenomena of structural change in the composition of economies were accelerated, whereby technology companies fared well and saw their revenues skyrocket compared to traditional ventures that witness bankruptcies at worst.

Moreover, these structural changes manifested in the rising role of start-ups together with increasing market capitalisation of technology companies at the bourses.

4. Open Banking Expo Awards

Open Banking Expo launches its Awards scheme to celebrate the significant progress of Open Banking across the global financial services sector. Equifax is the launch partner of the scheme.

The ceremony will take place in London, UK on 15 July, and the scheme is now open for entries.

The entry deadline is on May 28th 2021 and can be submitted via

5. 5 apps creadas en América Latina para hacer tu vida más fácil

A partir de la creación de estas aplicaciones, la tecnología móvil ha revolucionado la manera en que se tiene acceso a un servicio, producto o compañía y sin duda la pandemia global que atraviesa el planeta, ha provocado que los dos últimos años, sean las de más tráfico de descargas en la historia. Muchas de estas, son apps creadas en América Latina para hacer tu vida más fácil.

6. German seniors to make most purchases online in 2022: survey

63% of German 56-65-year-olds plan to do the majority of their shopping online in the next year. Neither Americans (43%) nor the Scandinavians who are otherwise so online savvy (Sweden: 55%, Norway: 35%, Finland: 42%) aim to do it.

PaySpace Magazine considers that despite all of the disastrous coronacrisis outcomes, global lockdowns made seniours more tech-savvy. Meanwhile, we suggest you take a look at how shopping behavior differs from generation to generation.

7. Smart techniques for saving up for students

Often, students don’t realize the importance of saving money for the future. Young people also neglect to plan their budget ahead since the advantages of it are not obvious to them. If you also don’t understand why you should save money, keep reading the article to find it out!

8. Financial literacy for kids: top 7 tips

Psychologists advise teaching financial literacy from an early age so that a child treats money responsibly and wisely as a grown-up. However, many parents barely understand basic financial concepts themselves. At least half of the global population are still struggling with money management and need financial guidance themselves.

Therefore, well-to-do parents go to extremes such as paying kids for every household chore or giving bank cards to toddlers. On the other hand, families with financial problems value every single dollar, and they may not give pocket money, even to teenagers who already need it.

9. Things to consider when running your first startup

Starting your own business is probably the most important decision you’ve made. Be careful, without proper involvement, a thorough SWOT analysis, and constant support, you might not be able to succeed.

Yes, having an idea is great; but anybody can have an idea. The important thing is to support your idea with action and constant involvement. You’ve got to start off the right way before hitting those big numbers. You’ve got to believe in your business and do it for the right reason. You’ve got to be prepared – this article will help you explore and consider the most important things when running your first startup. But first, let’s see why you should even bother starting.

10. Top 10 money books for kids

Reading bedtime stories creates a special bond between children and their parents. It’s a daily tradition in many families. Why limit your reading to fairy tales when the world of finance is no less exciting?

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