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How to monetize TikTok

Today we’ll talk about how to make money by short video streaming


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Making short videos for TikTok is not only fun, but it can also be profitable if you do it right. Monetizing your content isn’t as straightforward as earning from one’s YouTube channel. However, many influencers successfully capitalize on their TikTok creations.

For instance, the top 7 stars native to TikTok have earned $1-5 million within the last year, per Forbes estimates. The given study didn’t even take into account generally known celebrities or famous YouTubers. As you can see, opportunities are quite tempting.

Today, we’ll discuss a few main ways to make money by short video streaming on this popular social network.


To begin with, you should know that TikTok doesn’t have a proper and outright monetization feature. Therefore, making money here is the art and you have to be creative in your ways as well as in making some engaging content.

The most recent effort of TikTok’s management to keep influencers on the platform is the TikTok Creator Fund. Announced in July, it will initially apply to US creators only, but the plans are to eventually expand the program globally. The network’s team expects this Fund will grow to over $1 billion in the US in the next 3 years, and more than double that globally.

The management has put aside $200 million to pay ambitious creators directly for their content. Selected influencers will receive regular payments over the coming year. So far, the remuneration amount and the number of participants have not been disclosed.

Nevertheless, the basic requirements to apply for the funding are straightforward. You must be 18 or older and regularly post original videos that are consistent with TikTok’s community guidelines. A baseline follower count is also a factor of eligibility. However, the TikTok team hasn’t updated its audience about the exact numbers yet. Perhaps, the company is waiting for the results of negotiations with the US government.

After President Donald Trump demanded the app be sold to a native US business entity to be able to continue operations, Microsoft was the main candidate for a buyout. However, as CNN reports, Microsoft will not buy TikTok’s US operations from ByteDance. TikTok and Oracle will become business partners, instead. The exact nature of the agreement remains unclear, but it has not been described as an outright sale.

Anyway, judging from the previous experience with the $50 million TikTok Creative Learning Fund, the network paid brand publishers $50,000 to publish 35 posts over seven weeks. To participate in a new funding program, publishers should have at least 10,000 followers on TikTok and have received 10,000 views over the last 30 days. With individual creators, the requirements and numbers may be a little different, but you still get the approximate picture of how it works.

Live streaming

Premium video creators can make live streams and receive both virtual goods from their fans purchased with TikTok Coins and some real-life money. Gifts constitute a limited license to certain features of digital products and services. In a live stream product, content providers are also entitled to earn virtual credits called “Diamonds” that measure the content’s popularity. The reward directly depends on the number and value of gifts received from the audience.

A Content Provider can then choose to withdraw Diamonds in exchange for monetary compensation in USD. The applicable monetary compensation will be calculated by the platform based on various factors including the number of Diamonds a user has accrued. The rate of withdrawal will be displayed at the point of withdrawal. The relevant cash payment will be made directly into your nominated and verified PayPal account or other third-party payment channel account (if applicable).

Sponsorship & advertising

TikTok Creator Marketplace is the official meeting point for the world-class creators and the brands wishing to collaborate. Brand representation is a major way for an influencer to earn money. Businesses that need to attract a Gen Z audience may also contact creators off the Marketplace, but the collaborative platform facilitates talent discoveries.

For instance, LGBTQ+ TikTok Trailblazer, @bomanizer caught the attention of CAA and Scale Management; Kentucky’s beloved father-son trio, @the.mcfarlands made collaborations with brands like Colgate, Cheetos, and Little Caesars; @challxn became Fenty Beauty’s first Fenty house creator, and appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter; America’s mom, @iamtabithabrown, who became the face of the vegan community, signed with CAA, and was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair.

According to Business Insider, creators make tens of thousands of dollars by outside brand deals, paid song integrations, and app marketing. Brands pay for creative content including hashtags with the brand name or the product name. Creators can also be invited to promote an upcoming event for a certain fee.

Per TalentX Entertainment observations, the top metric brands care about when paying for sponsored content is engagement. They also care how many followers a creator has, but the main thing is what percentage of those followers regularly engage with the creator’s content. For those brands interested in the entertaining nature of TikTok marketing, it’s unique sponsored ‘Hashtag Challenge’ format is the most attractive paid advertising option.

Another monetizing option – app marketing – is a collaboration with the app creators or marketing companies that provide influencers with a tracking link to add to their TikTok bio. That link would give the TikTok user credit for any app installs they drive from their accounts. The payment rate is typically flexible and is based on video performance. The more downloads it generates – the more you earn. However, some mega-popular TikTok creators like Addison Rae Easterling and Dixie D’Amelio also negotiate flat-rate deals for app promotions.

We had no way to attribute how many users came exactly from these influencers. But we know that when they posted the posts, the number of organic [installs] skyrocketed and kept going
Thor Fridriksson, CEO of Teatime Games

Cross-platform promotion

Since TikTok doesn’t provide a simple and transparent monetization tool, many creators drive their followers to other social media and video-sharing platforms. Instagram with its Reels, YouTube, and other alternatives can help TikTok influencers monetize likes, shares, and views. Once the user has a stable and large follower base, they can add a link to their YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account where monetization options are present. And vice versa, those having large user bases on other media may invite their followers to join TikTok.

Many small businesses, sellers, and service providers also create TikTok accounts to raise awareness about their products. Using a link in the creator’s bio, interested followers may get directly to their online store, corporate web-store, etc. This way, they can proceed to buy a product or service directly from the chosen TikTok creator. One of the best ways in which any content creators and influencers can earn additional profits on TikTok is by designing and selling their own merchandise like clothing, accessories, stationery, etc.


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