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How to shop on Zalando

The guide on how to shop on one of the most popular European e-commerce sites


How to shop on Zalando. Source:

Every year, snappy dressers go on shopping tours in foreign countries. Milan, Paris, London, New York, and even Stockholm attract shoppers with their creative shows and fashion parties. However, you can buy equally fashionable clothes without leaving your home, it is enough to visit the online store Zalando.

This German service has become popular all over the world due to the wide selection of shoes and clothes of different brands and styles. In this store, you can buy a whole new wardrobe – casual, sporty, elegant, etc. Zalando has clothes for all occasions from well-known manufacturers.

Actually, Zalando is an online store, which suits any taste or budget. The pricing policies allow different shoppers to purchase the best clothes at the best price. There are luxury offers from renowned designers, more affordable solutions from aspiring designers, or stylish and creative mass-market clothing created according to popular fashion trends.

Why Zalando can be considered as a universal source of stylish designer dresses:

  1. Different price ranges.
  2. You can fill your wardrobe in the most fashionable way buying from just one site – Zalando has underwear, dresses, suits, outerwear, socks, shoes, etc. This site has even jewelry, bags, and hats (for the most sophisticated shoppers).
  3. Zalando can offer stuff for shoppers of different age groups. It has daring and bold youth collections, sophisticated, elegant lines for women and men, discreet and comfortable costumes for older people, products made using natural fabrics for the youngest shoppers. Thus, you can buy clothes for your whole family, and it will be just one site called Zalando.

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of Zalando. During this time Zalando made the transformation from a small outlet to a fashionable boutique with top brand clothes and shoes at reasonable prices. Even aspiring designers can place their goods on Zalando.


Zalando made the transformation from a small outlet to a fashionable boutique. Source:

The site is intuitive and simple, so you can use it without knowing the German language.

Basically, there are three major sections:

  • female – damen;
  • male – herren;
  • children – kinder.

Click on the required section, and the catalogs of clothing, shoes, and accessories will be sorted by gender.

Please note: the first section in the catalog is the “Get the Look” section. The developers and designers of the site enable you to take a look at the combinations of clothes and other options (Zalando shoes, accessories, etc).

If you already know how you want to look, then go to the other sections:

  • new collections;
  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • accessories

 The finest fashion for women from Zalando

As we’ve mentioned before, Zalando is a German site, which means all goods meet the highest standards of quality: fabric, tailoring, seams of the clothes and other aspects are top-notch.

Customers can be assured of the latest trends and the uniqueness of clothing design. The site cooperates with such giants of the industry as Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, and Michael Kors.

Moreover, you can find clothes and accessories from such manufacturers as OYSHO, G-Star, Tommy Hilfiger, and more than 1500 different popular brands.

Zalando is known not only for stylish and trendy clothes. It is also known for the originality of the goods. The “clothes” section has not just conventional dresses, blouses, and tunics. It can offer you stylish kimono, original long sleeves, tube tops, turtlenecks, and crop tops.

The site also pays special attention to the issue of large clothing sizes (XL, XXL, etc). This section is located in the women’s catalog, and it is called «Besondere Grösse» (specialty size).

The models of clothing are grouped into two categories (by height):

  • small – under 160 cm;
  • large – above 179 cm.

You can also find clothing for pregnant women in this section.


Zalando is known not only for stylish and trendy clothes. Source:

 Stylish menswear from Zalando

It doesn’t matter if the male shopper is young, mature, or prefers a certain dressing style, Zalando store offers a choice of four clothing lines:

  • casual;
  • festival outfits;
  • classic clothing;
  • street style.

Each clothing line is composed of well-known brands, budget options, and young designers’ clothing.

If you do not trust your taste or want to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, take a look at the section “Get the Look”. You will be inspired by images of European trendsetters.

Be sure to look in the “accessories” section. There, you can find such goods as snapbacks, backpacks, watches, wallets, ties, and much more.

How to place an order on Zalando

  1. Place an item in your bag: Pick the size you want and select ‘Add to bag’. Go to your bag in the top right corner when you have finished shopping.
  2. From inside the bag select ‘Go to checkout’.
  3. Select your preferred delivery option. If you have chosen home delivery then confirm your address, if not then select your preferred parcel shop for delivery.
  4. You will be asked to select a payment method. Simply select the payment method you would like, fill in the details where required, and click next.
  5. You are now given the chance to check your order and add voucher codes or Express Delivery. If you are paying by PayPal you will be instantly redirected to the PayPal website to complete the process.
  6. Once your order has been completed you will see your confirmation on the screen. You will also receive a confirmation email with an order number as a reference and a link to a tracking number once the order is shipped so that you can track the delivery of your parcel.


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