How will post-COVID-19 workplace look like

The research shows how companies are reprioritizing business and employee needs amid the pandemic


How will post-COVID-19 workplace look like. Source:

Flexioffices have found that 74% of businesses have been significantly affected by COVID-19. Meanwhile, 2 out of 3 employers say that maintaining employee morale during the pandemic has been a challenge.

According to data, the most significant change that faces businesses is their office space. 21% of respondents said the size of their office will be the most important consideration when asked about their future office space. At the same time, for 19% the most important is price and location.

Companies won’t abandon offices, but they will become more demanding of what workspaces deliver and the role they play in attracting people to them
Michael Dubicki, Director of Business Development at Flexioffices 

In fact, 36% of businesses in London are going to move out of their current city, whereas 56% are encouraging more flexible working hours. Among those who are looking to move, 39% want more flexible contracts.

Before the pandemic, only 16% of employers were using technology more frequently to track productivity, well-being, and engagement to better understand their staff’s experiences. Nowadays, 20% of respondents realize the importance that better technology will have on their business.

We’ve reported that remote work has positively impacted productivity in terms of reducing costs of both employers and employees, lowering traffic and pollution level.


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