HSBC introduced program that helps customers go digital

The bank states that the customers will be contacted and invited to sessions


HSBC introduced program that helps customers go digital. Source:

According to, HSBC is launching a customer education programme aimed to help customers acquire the skills and knowledge required to become confident users of mobile and online banking services.

The HSBC@Home initiative will help customers get started and build confidence in managing their money using mobile app and online banking services.

There will be live virtual webinars offered to customers where they will receive training in how to use digital services, how to keep safe online, and money management.

The program, which will be delivered across our UK branches, covers everything from how to register for our digital services and what you can do via the mobile app and online banking, to guarding yourself against fraud. Using video conferencing to conduct these sessions has helped us to reach more customers during the pandemic than would have otherwise been possible, and demonstrates how customers can manage their finances on the go or from the comfort of their own homes
Jackie Uhi, HSBC UK head of network

In January 2021, HSBC announced the closure of 82 branches. That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic reinforces the bank’s strategy to move customers to digital channels.

HSBC plans to expand HSBC@Home later this year, with hopes for bank staff to deliver sessions face to face.

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