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Italy is becoming greater for cross-border e-commerce

Using local carriers and warehouses can help international sellers deliver goods faster within Italy


Italy is becoming greater for cross-border e-commerce. Source:

Online retailers looking to become international sellers and focus on growing markets should choose Italy, Ecommerce News report.

Cross-border e-commerce is popular in Europe and online business owners can take advantage of the new opportunities that come with entering a growing market. According to the research by Shopping Tomorrow Cross Border E-commerce and Salesupply, the markets that are showing significant growth in the e-commerce industry are Italy, Denmark, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.

In particular, Italy is expected to become one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe in the shortest possible time. This is the result of the country’s rapid digitalization. The rise in popularity of online marketplaces has also prompted young Italian consumers to shop more frequently from abroad.

Although older Italians want to shop online, many do not trust telecom operators. The main bottleneck for e-commerce companies who are looking to sell in Italy is fast delivery to the less accessible south of the country. Italy is setting up many new pickup points throughout the country.

The report also determined that international sellers need to be prepared before they start entering the international market. To start selling in a new market, cross-border sellers need to bring to reason consumers to buy from their online store rather than from their in-house store.

Setting up a localized assortment of products, common local payment methods, and local delivery options can help build consumer confidence. Launching a website in the local language will also help
Hans Wibum, Global Managing Director of Salesupply

In all markets of these European countries, consumers want fast and free shipping. They also prefer that the items returned are free of charge. Cross-border sellers are required to provide a local return address to increase confidence in the logistics process. Each market has its own preferences for shipping methods and services associated with them.

To be successful internationally, cross-border sellers need to know the preferences of consumers in each market. For example, the first impression is truly important for Italian consumers, Norwegian consumers are loyal to brands and products, and for Swedish consumers, sustainability is extremely important.

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