It’s time to change the way digital marketing is done – global survey

The survey found that only 23% of all respondents believe that targeted messages are useful

It’s time to change the way digital marketing is done – global survey. Source:

Ogury, a technology company specialized in Mobile Journey Marketing (MJM), released its consumer survey, examining the attitudes of over 287,000 mobile users towards marketing and data. Findings reveal that current practices of digital marketing are failing to provide value to users and could endanger organizations’ long-term prosperity.

Today, the vast majority of mobile ads are served by the walled gardens. These technology behemoths have access to an incomparable mass of user data, enabling them to target users with relevant messages. However, 9 out of 10 users find targeted marketing messages annoying, even though 13% out of the 90% also find them useful. Clearly, more data alone does not equate to user value.

Tech giants have come under public scrutiny for their deceitful data handling practices, and the way they use data to target consumers with ads, without explicit permission. Unless users are given an explicit choice, to share data or not, to receive ads or not, there will always be an underlying resentment towards the ads they are shown.

Intrusive and irrelevant messages can have a negative impact on a brand’s reputation. But the study also reveals that 52% of users agreed that intrusive and irrelevant messages give them a poor opinion of the app or website that hosts them. These numbers are concerning for both brands and publishers. If users’ appreciation is continually eroded by intrusive marketing, the net result will be a loss of business for all stakeholders.

The survey found that when given a choice, 82% of users globally preferred to receive marketing messages through mobile ads or emails. Phone alerts, such as push notifications and texts, are the least popular method amongst respondents.

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