JCB contactless payments are now accepted at One Metro New York

Visitors from Asia will be able to experience the seamlessness of OMNY when they are visiting New York City


JCB contactless payments are now accepted at One Metro New York. Source:

JCB Contactless payment is now accepted at all One Metro New York contactless bus validators and subway screens.

NY MTA is a vital infrastructure for all travellers and also one of the largest transport systems globally. For a long time, JCB has been a NY MTA fare payment option. The contactless remittance feature will enable cardholders the convenience of paying with just a tap in areas where OMNY, NY MTA’s contactless remittance options are available.

Visitors from locations such as Asia will experience the convenience of OMNY when they visit New York. Since the 2000s, JCB has been on the front line in the NFC interface with Felica in Japan.

The acceptance of JCB’s NFC adoption is expanding rapidly. JCB remains committed to the expansion of the NFC network. This move will enhance security and convenience in the transport system worldwide.

We are pleased that our JCB cardmembers can now enjoy the added convenience of tapping their cards or smartphones on NY MTA subway and bus validator screens. We respect and appreciate NY MTA's NFC adoption of JCB, a prominent payment brand from Asia. JCB has been leading the NFC interface since 2000's with Felica in Japan. JCB's NFC acceptance is growing rapidly, and JCB is committed to broaden the NFC network to enhance convenience and security in transportation around the world
Ray Shinzawa, President & COO at JCBUSA

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