Kenya recorded the highest inflation rate

The rate of inflation has risen significantly in Kenya

Kenya inflation

Kenya recorded the highest inflation rate. Source:

In March, a 5.9% inflation rate was recorded while in February the Kenyan inflation was at 5.8%, according to The Kenyan Wall Street. The inflation rate in March is the highest documented in 10 months.

The Central Bank of Kenya recorded a 15.8% fuel price increase and a 6.7% increase in the price of food essentials. Non-food and non-fuel prices also increased by 2.3%. The Customer Price Index increased from 113.37 in February to 113.81 in March, recording a 0.4% increase.

The rise in the price of fuel, in turn, led to a 0.59% monthly increase in water, housing, electricity as well as other essentials affected by the fuel prices. Between February and March, the transport index increased by 1.49%.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics uses the prices of consumer services and goods to generate the inflation rates and consumer price indices.

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