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Klarna hits 20 million customers in the US

Over the past year, Klarna has significantly built out its retailer support offering

Klarna US

Klarna hits 20 million customers in the US. Source:

Klarna has doubled its US customer base since June 2020, reaching a record 20 million customers, according to the official press release.

The company’s growth is further highlighted by accelerated momentum of the Klarna app, which now maintains 4 million monthly active US users as daily downloads surpass the closest competitor by 20%, according to App Annie.

Besides, Klarna continues to serve as a growth engine for merchant partners, seeing its overall US retail partnerships surge to 10,000 as of July 2021, a 132% increase since June 2020, out of a growing network of more than 250,000 retail partners globally. Through Klarna, retailers benefit from attracting and retaining customers through the company’s co-marketing initiatives and content platforms.

The Klarna app allows consumers to discover new brands and shop at any online store as well as in-store at leading retail brands. Among its features, there are shareable and shoppable Collections (formerly “Wish Lists”), exclusive deals, price drop notifications, a no-fee rewards program, and try-before-you-buy convenience.

Besides, Klarna has a no-fees, personalized rewards club Vibe that allows consumers who make purchases through the Klarna app to earn redeemable Vibe dollars.

This program has also grown to more than 1.8 million members since launching in June 2020, the press release states. To date, Vibe members have claimed nearly $2.8 million in gift cards to use at stores.

Collections also continues to be one of the Klarna app’s most popular features, with US users adding more than 8 million items to their Collections to date.

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