Klarna’s US merchants now offer Google Pay in-store

Sephora, Journeys, and rue21 are among the first Klarna merchant partners to offer Google Pay 

Klarna Google Pay

Klarna’s US merchants now offer Google Pay in-store. Source:

Klarna has introduced Google Pay for in-store purchases in the US.

This way, Klarna is extending the contactless payment options at a time when consumers need them due to concerns about safety.

The overall use of contactless payments in the US has grown by 150% since March 2019, the report states.

We’re focused on providing all of our users with a seamless, contactless shopping experience as stores reopen and the pandemic continues to affect communities across the nation. At the same time, it’s critical we help our retail partners drive business growth, both online and offline, to give them a competitive advantage at a time when margins are tight. We’re excited to introduce this safe and secure option to consumers who use Android devices to ensure we provide them with a smooth and convenient shopping experience, end to end
David Sykes, Head of US at Klarna

Klarna initially launched in-store payments in the US for iPhone users with Apple Pay in January 2020. As a result, Klarna’s US merchants have reported growth in average order value as high as 310% compared to orders transacted through other means.

We’ve reported that Klarna has launched followable Wish lists for shoppers that allow customers to create, share and follow these lists on the Klarna app.


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