Majority of B2B businesses in US opposed to accepting crypto payments: reason unveiled

The study is based on responses of 269 US finance and accounting professionals working for B2B companies


Majority of B2B businesses in US opposed to accepting crypto payments: reason unveiled. Source:

A new study by Invoiced and PaymentsNEXT shows that 59% of US finance and accounting professionals in B2B companies are not open to accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

The new results indicate a large gap between the explosive growth in investment in cryptocurrency assets and the practical interest of the B2B world in accepting payments in cryptocurrency from customers.

The study also found that checks are still the most common method of accepting payments in B2B companies, with 77% of respondents accepting them.

Also among B2B companies, first of all, they turn to the following points:

  • reducing the time of the deposit (18%)
  • simplifying the payment for customers (14%)
  • reducing the processes of accepting payments manually (14%)

B2B companies consider card networks as their most important partner in their payment success. 64% of respondents are open, planning or already accepting virtual card payments from their customers.

Meanwhile, cross-border payments are of great interest among B2B: 62% of respondents are open or already accepting these payments.

Our new research suggests that B2B companies are largely aware of and in tune with the latest and greatest payment technologies and innovations, but while the companies we polled want to advance their payment acceptance capabilities, they're clearly hesitant to be lured in by hype alone — new forms of payment still have to make practical business sense for both sides of the transaction
Adam Weinroth, chief marketing officer for Invoiced

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