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Mastercard developed a new initiative for Ukrainian startups

Mastercard made an official announcement at Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam.


Mastercard developed a new initiative for Ukrainian startups. Source:

Mastercard has announced the creation of the Start Path initiative for the Ukrainian sector. All fintech companies from Ukraine can participate. Under this initiative, the members will get the necessary tools for networking to put their businesses on the map and increase productivity.

The initiative will be eligible in the autumn of this year, and startups will be able to apply for it in the summer. Initially, 5 Ukrainian fintechs can apply for this assistance. 

According to the statement of Inga Andreeva, General Director of Mastercard in Ukraine and Moldova, Mastercard helped the Ukrainians from the very beginning of the war. The company wants to help the Ukrainian economy as well as fintech to rebuild the country and deal with the war’s aftermath.

Up to this moment, Start Path has cooperated and helped tons of fintechs globally, and now these startups are showing phenomenal results, have excellent scalability, and are getting the recognition they deserve.

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