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Monzo and Wise partnered to enhance cross-border transfers

Monzo’s international transfers just got smoother

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Monzo and Wise announced partnership to enhance cross-border transfers. Source:

Monzo has partnered with Wise to give their customers a simplified way to send money overseas, using the real exchange rate and with no hidden fees.

In fact, both companies first teamed up back in 2018 so Monzo customers could make use of low-cost, fast cross-border bank transfers from inside the Monzo app. But now Monzo and Wise claim to make them even better.

  • Customers can now set a fixed target amount for their transfer. They need to enter the exact amount they want their recipient to get, whether it’s for an invoice, mortgage, or anything else.


  • Customers can now save their recipients. After they enter a recipient’s details once, they won’t have to do it again for future transfers. They’ll just click on their name, and go from there.


  • They can now see if their transfer went through, and download a receipt. Now they can see when money gets to a recipient, and download a record of the transaction.


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