Nearly 30% of Americans spend more than they can afford on delivery services

More than 1,000 US consumers shared their thoughts


Nearly 30% of Americans spend more than they can afford on delivery services. Source:

According to LendingTree, 77% of Americans used an on-demand delivery service within the last year. In fact, retail delivery is the most popular delivery type (used by 51%), followed by food delivery (45%).

The survey has found that consumers spend nearly $2,000 on delivery services per year, on average. This figure was estimated based on Americans’ reported spending last month, which totaled $157.

At the same time, 7 in 10 Americans are willing to spend extra money to save time and effort. While 37% would cap that extra spending at $50 per month, 19% are willing to shell out $100 or more for convenience.

As to the cost of convenience: 29% of Americans admit to spending more than they can afford on delivery services.

Indeed, overspending is most prevalent among younger consumers, with 48% of Gen Z and 39% of Millennials owning up to splurging too much on delivery. The same is true for parents with kids under 18 (48% of whom say they overspend).

Meanwhile, the delivery era is here to stay. In the survey, 45% of Americans said they intend to continue using delivery services just as often as they did during the pandemic.

Not having to leave the house is the primary reason for choosing on-demand delivery services for 51% of Americans, followed by saving time (30%) and saving money (16%).

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