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New app gives children virtual money for completing tasks

Nestlums app doesn’t require connecting to a bank account


New app gives children virtual money for completing tasks. Source:

Game developers Cauldron and Glitchers have introduced an app allowing kids to get money thought gamified experience.

In fact, Nestlums characters encourage kids to earn digital money by completing real-life tasks, set by parents. After the completion, kids can manage, save, and spend their earnings.

Children can complete the tasks in exchange for pocket money. Source:

According to information, Nestlums holds 2 virtual currencies. ‘Gems’ enable kids to unlock and play games within the app, whereas ‘Coins’ represent real-world currency offered by parents as actual pocket money.

We’ve reported that Polish Bank Pekao has introduced PeoPay KIDS app, enabling children to manage their money. This banking solution is addressing the needs of parents looking for help in educating their children about personal finances.


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