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New Hong Kong-based virtual bank launched

Hong Kong welcomes new virtual bank

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New Hong Kong-based virtual bank launched. Source:

Hong Kong-based virtual bank WeLab Bank has officially launched. It is currently available for its users across Hong Kong, where they can get their numberless debit cards provided by the bank.

During the first few months after the rollout, WeLab Bank’s cardholders can get an 8% cash rebate on their spending, according to information.

Besides, they can earn up to 4.5% on their deposits with a time deposit called GoSave. This way, users can deposit from $1.29 to a maximum of $12,900 for each GoSave time deposit.

We’ve reported that Southeast Asia’s super app Grab has launched Asia’s first numberless card. GrabPay Card offers users unparalleled card security, access to an expanded rewards ecosystem, and hassle-free Grab payments integration.


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