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Over 6% of German e-commerce generated via click & collect

Over half of German internet users used click & collect between December 2020 and March of this year

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Over 6% of German e-commerce generated via click & collect. Source:

Last year, 6.4% of all e-commerce revenue in Germany was generated via click & collect solutions in physical stores, Ecommerce News reports.

But this revenue was not equally distributed across different product categories. Consumer electronics represent the biggest click & collect segment, with a revenue share of 27 percent.

It was a challenging year for both online and physical retailers. While online retailers experienced so much demand they had to work hard to be able to ship all orders in time, physical retailers had to deal with empty shopping streets.

In order to put their products on sale anyway, many retailers went with click & collect, a hybrid solution that combines online and offline shopping. Consumers can order the products they want online and then pick them up in a story nearby.

According to the HDE Online-Monitor 2021, three-quarters of German internet users are now familiar with the term and also know what it means.

The least click & collect revenue was generated in the category DIY & garden, where only 5% of sales happened through customers picking up their online orders in-store. This doesn’t come as a surprise as these kinds of stores weren’t locked down for a very long period. The category with the biggest share in click & collect revenue is consumer electronics, which was responsible for 27% of total revenue coming from these kinds of purchases.

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