Over half of Germans have never heard of blockchain: research

Only 17% of the respondents believe they can explain the term


Over half of Germans have never heard of blockchain: research. Source:

According to, 52% of Germans have never heard of the term blockchain. At the same time, 23% know the word but cannot say what it means.

Many people are unsure (“Heard, but can’t explain what is meant”) when it comes to the terms cryptocurrency (45%), big data (41%) and virtual reality (40%).

On the other hand, 80% of the respondents know the term ”data center” and can explain what is behind it. The same applies to apps (76%), 5G (67%) and cookies (63%).

Cloud computing (52%) and Artificial Intelligence (49%) can only explain every second person, while a chatbot (29%) can only be explained by just under every third person.

We’ve reported that to enhance money transfers, JP Morgan turns to blockchain.


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