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Finance & Economics

How to buy Ukrainian war bonds?

Here is how to buy the traditional instrument of financing military operations in Ukraine


The сosts involved with opening a new casino

Opening up your own business can be an exciting time, in which it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ideals of running your dream business. However, there are many hidden things that people forget to think about when it comes to starting up a business, particularly in relation to start-up costs. While you may […]


When does a personal loan make sense?

Sara Evans Author   An unexpected bill can be financially devastating for people living paycheck to paycheck. Even a minor financial setback can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If you’re in a situation where you need money quickly, a personal loan may be a good option, especially if you don’t have any savings. […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Descubre los datos que debes saber sobre la Ley Fintech mexicana 

La ley Fintech mexicana fue uno de los primeros cuerpos normativos creados puntualmente para promover la innovación, así como la transformación de los servicios financieros tradicionales de banca y crédito

Fintech & Ecommerce

PayRetailers announced acquisition of two online payments platforms in LATAM

PayRetailers is simplifying B2B e-commerce through a single LATAM online payments platform


There will be over 6.5B of digital ID users by 2026

A digital ID is a digital representation of a physical identity document


BlueSnap launches embedded payments suite globally

BlueSnap now offers three products to allow flexibility and speed to market for software platforms looking to drive new revenue while enhancing user experience worldwide

Finance & Economics

Consumers demand more from businesses when it comes to action and education on environmental issues: AmEx

American Express has found that UK consumers have high expectations of businesses to be more vocal on environmental issues and efforts to tackle climate change – and will offer support to those that are. Ahead of Earth Day later this month, the Amex Trendex report revealed that 91% of UK adults want companies to address […]


How much wheat do Ukraine and Russia produce?

Here is why the Russian-Ukrainian war is important to every other nation in the world


Visa to launch facial verification payments in the Middle East through new partnership

The goal of the partnership is to provide cardholders with new safe, secure, and innovative ways to pay


Guerra cibernética contra Rusia: así es como Anonymous se venga de Putin

Además de la guerra convencional entre Rusia y Ucrania, se está viviendo una intensa guerra cibernética y, el colectivo de hacktivistas Anonymous, ha liderado numerosos ataques exitosos y ha inutilizado sitios web gubernamentales, corporativos y de noticias rusos. El colectivo de hackers Anonymous no ha cesado de bombardear a Rusia con ciberataques desde que declaró […]


More than half of Zoomers do not have a bank account: survey

Thunes interviewed 6,500 people aged 16-24 from 13 developed and emerging countries around the world


Klarna announced the rebranding of Stocard

The rebranding marks the next step of Stocard’s integration into the Klarna ecosystem following its successful acquisition by Klarna in July 2021


The UK Treasury is working on a new type of mint: NFTs

The UK Treasury minister has instructed the Royal Mint to create NFTs as a “symbol of a forward-thinking approach” which the UK Treasury says will encompass crypto and blockchain, according to The Verge. The project was announced in a speech by Treasury Secretary John Glenn, who told a summit that more details about the Mint […]


Jamaica begins central bank digital currency launch

As the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) prepares to launch a CBDC in the April-June quarter, Jamaican residents can now open digital wallets that support the country’s central bank, the Jam-Dex digital currency, reports. The National Bank of Commerce of Jamaica is the first institution in the country to add Jam-Dex support to its Lynk […]