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Societe Generale closed sale of Rosbank and its Russian insurance subsidiaries

Societe Generale has announced the closure of the sale of Rosbank and the Group’s Russian insurance subsidiaries to Interros Capital. The impact of the sale, which reflects the evolution of foreign exchange rates since the announcement of the disposal on April 11, 2022, will be accounted for in Q2 22 and includes: A residual impact […]


How to open a non-resident bank account in the UAE

The procedure is quite simple

Society & Lifestyle

How to prevent chargeback fraud

Isabella Goode Author   Chargebacks happen when a customer requires a bank to halt or reverse a transaction for a variety of reasons. They may not have received the products you shipped, or they may have received the wrong product and thus want their money back. These are legitimate chargeback concerns that can be addressed […]


Everything you need to know about the medicare advantage plan

Lowell Rice Content writer   This discussion covers an in-depth review of the Medicare Advantage plan, pros, cons, and valuable tips when looking for a Medical Advantage plan. An Overview of Medicare When choosing a Medicare plan, you’ll come across the Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare. Typically, these two insurance plans provide you with coverage […]


How to handle margin calls with Nebeus’ crypto-backed loans

Nebeus is a Crypto-backed Loans Platform that allows crypto-investors to get cash loans by pledging crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, as collateral. It’s simple, but loan terms are risky when it comes to dreaded margin calls. What’s a Margin Call? Nebeus uses crypto as collateral, locked to cover the loan amount. It’s helpful to think […]


PaySpace Magazine teamed up with Dreamblocks to launch Ukrainian Technology Startup Accelerator Programme

Startup founders need a solid ecosystem to thrive in and we call on the whole startup community, including investors to offer support to startups through this programme

Finance & Economics

Washington’s lend-lease: what price will Ukraine pay for American help?

What’s the real price for the generous military and humanitarian aid?

Finance & Economics

Riksbank launches instant payments service

Riksbank has introduced the RIX-INST service, which means that payments between banks can be made in real-time with central bank money. The Riksbank is thus offering the banks a secure and cost-effective payment system for instant payments that creates opportunities for Swedish companies to develop new innovative payment services. The service is connected to the […]

Finance & Economics

ICICI: Everything you need to know about its online solutions

In India, ICICI is one of the best choices in terms of the e-banking services available


CaixaBank issues the first payment card with a Braille system in Spain

CaixaBank has announced the launch of the first Visa card with a Braille reading code in Spain to make it easier for people with visual disabilities to pay in stores without relying on other persons. The solution, developed in collaboration with ONCE and Visa, will now be applied to CaixaBank’s Visa ‘MyCard’ cards, and will […]


Temenos introduced ESG investing service

The offering was unveiled to 1,500 banking and fintech executives at Temenos Community Forum in London

Blockchain & Crypto

Wirex and Polygon collaborate for launch of new payment method in India on mass-market wallet

The Wirex Wallet is available globally and was created to make the benefits of DeFi available for everyday users


Nearly 9GB database exposing millions of hotel guests leaked on Telegram

vpnMentor Research Team has found that 4 archive files totaling 8.7GB of data were leaked on Telegram for anyone to find. It is unclear how many people were exposed, but according to the claims of the hackers who shared the files. Nevertheless, the research assumes at least 30 million people had some of their data […]


How to buy NFT art finance coin

Here is a quick guide to buying NFT art finance coins


10 countries with record inflation: what’s going on there and why did it happen?

Let’s discover where the purchasing power fell the steepest