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UK e-commerce provider launched free solution for small businesses

The coronacrisis has led to the closing of many retail outlets across the UK and the rest of Europe


IoT revenue to grow accelerated by the pandemic

IoT demonstrated an annual rise of 20%

Finance & Economics

H&M to bring its outlet brand to one more country

Afound is H&M’s outlet brand that was introduced in June 2018


Shopify launches POS adapted to post-COVID-19 world

The new solution is completely free until October 31, 2020


New President of Mastercard Europe appointed

Mastercard’s European businesses cover 53 countries, serving more than 950 million people

Science & Technology

Smartphone manufacturers face historical decline in production in 2020

The pandemic caused major decreases in the smartphone market


Fintech in Georgia: a brief overview

What do we know about fintech in the country (not to be confused with the US state)


Turkish e-commerce grew almost 40% in 2019

The growing share of mobile internet and apps are going to boost Turkish e-commerce

Science & Technology

Only 20% of Americans ready to do physical shopping: research

The survey is based on the answers of over 25,000 US adults


Top 3 cashback services to help you shop online efficiently

Today we’ll describe the top 3 cashback services for your online shopping

Society & Lifestyle

ECB says it’s unlikely to contract coronavirus from cash

The virus can be detected on surfaces only in very low concentration

Finance & Economics

Uber Eats quits 8 countries

The service didn’t bring enough profit in these countries


How a job agency works

Learning how a job agency works is essential if you are planning to use a recruitment agency for a job search

Finance & Economics

US billionaires see wealth rise as markets recover

Billionaires hold a great deal of their wealth in shares, often in the companies they founded

Fintech & Ecommerce

Best online payment gateways for small business in the UK

These top 10 online payment gateways for small businesses in the UK are likely to bring you easy solutions and convenient services

Science & Technology

Survey reveals how employees feel about working remotely 

The company surveyed over 1,000 workers around the world