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Meta is confused by the war in Ukraine: Why?

Alisa Adamska Author       Facebook and Instagram policies regarding war-related content keep constantly changing, causing internal confusion. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Meta has made more than half a dozen content policy revisions. They have permitted sharing the type of content that would normally be blocked, even calling for the death of President […]

Science & Technology

Apple acquires UK fintech startup Credit Kudos

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple has acquired British fintech company Credit Kudos. An anonymous person told CNBC the deal valued Credit Kudos at around $150 million. An Apple spokesman said the US tech giant “acquires smaller tech companies from time to time, and we generally don’t talk about our goals or plans.” […]


Metamask and Coinbase: Crypto wallets investors should know

John Lapinozo Author   People are smart enough to know the importance of investing their money on valuable things. Aside from stocks, other popular investments that people have grown fond of are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE). Since they are valuable digital assets, people should learn how to take care of […]


Exploring marketing difficulties that blockchain can fix

Daniel Martin Author   When one hears the word blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is cryptocurrency. But, blockchain as a technology is much bigger than that. It has much broader applications across various fields. Blockchain is helping solve major issues across various industries. This is due to its transparent and immutable nature. […]


Ukrainians who fled war can now get free payment accounts with EU IBAN

The customer onboarding process is completed through the use of a mobile application, available for both iOS and Android mobile phones


Over 90% of European fintechs will adopt AI-enabled risk decisioning to combat fraud

New research from Provenir outlines the greatest risk analysis challenges, opportunities, and trends fintech decision-makers expect to see within this year

Finance & Economics

Reason why millions of Brits are at greater risk of banking fraud unveiled

Millions of UK bank account holders are putting themselves at a much greater risk of fraud

Fintech & Ecommerce

5 Best Forex Merchant Account Solutions in 2022

Forex merchant account is a type of account providing services to foreign exchange firms and brokers. Generally, Forex traders, trading platforms, and Forex informational services use it. Foreign Exchange is the world’s biggest and the most accessible market, so there is a strong demand for payment processors who provide Forex merchant account solutions. However, in […]


How has the gambling industry grown in Canada?

Charlie Adams Chief Editor   Online casinos are on the verge of taking the universe by storm, recent years have seen the growing popularity of casinos online, the increase is by 70 percent over two years, and the trend is still rising day by day. Canada emerges as one of the top countries across the […]

Finance & Economics

 IT leaders ranked the leading source of security attacks: research

Malware, ransomware and phishing continues to plague global companies

Blockchain & Crypto

The 10 Most Important Trading Indicators for Every Trader

Dan Martin Author   To become an effective investor, you need to develop two unique sets of skills. These are fundamental and technical analyses. These skills are different, yet necessary to master if you want to understand the stock market. To fully utilize such skills, you need trading indicators. Indicator-based trading uses indicators to assess […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

What are forex signals?

Stella Taylor Author   Forex signals have become very popular in recent years, helping traders make risky decisions on their trades. They are trade alerts instructing traders to perform a buy or sell action on a specific currency pair. Accurate forex signals help traders of all backgrounds to spot and take advantage of good trading […]


What is cryptocurrency mining?

The сrурtосurrеnсу creation process is called mining

Blockchain & Crypto

Top сryptocurrencies to watch in 2022 and beyond

In recent years, technology has led cryptocurrencies to explode in popularity. What is more, financial analysts and experts expect them to continue growing and they believe that by 2025 there could be 1 billion Bitcoin wallets in the entire world. Some professionals even expect the prices of cryptocurrencies to rise up to $1 million by […]