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News launched robotic stores in the Netherlands

More locations to follow soon


Uber Eats quits Brazil

Uber will re-strategize delivery operations in Brazil. This means the delivery service provider will only retain packages and Cornershop grocery deliveries. Meanwhile, its food delivery service will be halted. The brand will only work with Uber Flash and Cornershop. Uber Flash will be used to deliver packages while Cornershop by Uber will be used for […]

Science & Technology

Top 3 subscription-based verticals unveiled: research

Support for alternative payment methods is key to growing future subscription-based services

Finance & Economics

French marketplace became Europe’s latest unicorn

The company is currently active in 23 countries with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK

Science & Technology

Who are robot influencers and how to collaborate with them

Virtual influencers are changing the landscape of modern SMM

Finance & Economics

Value of transactions made over prepaid cards to exceed $4.1T over 5 years

The research anticipates a substantial growth of 75%


US-based fintech announced the launch of digital wallet

DailyPay has announced their digital wallet solution designed for everyday working Americans, many of whom are facing unprecedented financial challenges amid the pandemic. The DailyPay wallet solution is to be the only digital wallet that automatically fills itself every day a user works, reflecting their pay balance in real-time. According to the press release, DailyPay […]

Finance & Economics

The difference of taking personal loan from credit union and bank?

The more forms of credit appear on the market, the more the average consumer is confused about the definitions. Problems frequently arise when the concepts of credit and loan are used as synonyms. But in practice, the difference between them is significant. The incorrect use of the terms “credit” or “loan” in the documents will […]


BNP Paribas completes transfer of global prime finance from Deutsche Bank

Over the course of the past 2 years, BNP Paribas has transferred approximately 900 staff globally from Deutsche Bank


5 top cryptocurrencies to look out for this week: January 10-16

Winner Ozowara Analyst   Some years ago, the first-ever cryptocurrency was launched, and since then, it’s been a whole new story in the financial ecosystem. All thanks to a proposal by Satoshi Nakatomo who brought Bitcoin into the limelight, we now have a whole new world of decentralised finance, whose methods of exchange are tokens […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Financial inclusion in the US: 5 neobanks to watch

Startup companies which decrease inequality by providing financial services to BIPOC, immigrants, and LGBT community


UK lost over £2B in fraud and cyber-crime cases during 2021

The total number of reported incidents reaches 487,035

Finance & Economics

British kids set to receive a pocket money pay rise this year

According to Barclays, children in the UK are set to receive a pocket money pay rise this year, as average weekly ‘salaries’ are to increase from £6.97 to £7.58 – almost twice the rate of inflation. New research from Barclays reveals how much parents value having their children lend a hand around the home, with […]

Society & Lifestyle

The Great reset: COVID-19 and its market impact 

Covid-19 has shaken global economies and continues to disrupt their development. Today, we’ll analyse the impact of the pandemic on different industries and the inherent risks it still bears for markets. Most and least impacted segments As we know, industries that rely on personal interactions or travel have been the hardest hit. Entertainment, recreation, fitness, […]


Adyen announced the launch of Android POS terminals

Adyen delivers payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels