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Estonia won’t ban crypto holding or trading

The new regulation states that only companies who operate in Estonia or are connected to Estonia can apply for a license to operate as a VASP

Science & Technology

Google acquired cybersecurity startup for $500 million

This comes as the tech giant that is based in the US increases its security offerings to mitigate the rising cyberattacks


dLocal teamed up with independent McDonald’s franchisee in Uruguay

dLocal powers local payments in emerging markets


What’s the difference between Ripple and XRP?

It’s easy to get confused about the two names


Crypto that lost the most value in 2021

Although the crypto industry, in general, is booming, not all the tokens are following the upward curve. Let’s find out more about this year’s “crypto losers” – the tokens that lost most of their value in 2021. Data provided by Coinranking as of Jan.3 2022. Celsius Network (CEL) -29,37% Bitcoin SV (BSV) -24,14% Synthetix Network […]


How to invest in Metaverse

Have you been willing to invest in Metaverse but wondered how?


How technology is going to change the landscape of management

Dan Martin Content writer     The growth in technology has changed how organizations do business. The most obvious innovation is the presence of smartphones. Technological improvements have increased society’s expectations in business management. Organizational activities that seemed impossible in the past are now taken for granted. The challenge organizations face is that technology is moving […]

Science & Technology

8 ways technology has reshaped traveling

Dan Martin Content writer   People nowadays love streamlining everything to make their lives easier and smoother. From household chores to business processes, it’s deemed more productive if certain tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes. The same goes for traveling, people prefer it to be efficient, smooth, and convenient. That’s why getting […]

Science & Technology

Amazon Web Services teamed up with global IoT carrier

Collaboration with AWS creates synergies reducing operating costs


5 top cryptocurrencies to look out for this week

Winner Ozowara Analyst   No doubt, 2022 brings up a whole ton of opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. Apropos of this, let’s see 5 top cryptocurrency projects to look out for in the first week of 2022. It’s a wrap for 2021. The cryptocurrency world has experienced some huge ups and some terrible downs. From […]


PaySpace Magazine 2021: a year in review

Let’s take a quick look back at our popular news stories and articles over the last year. Top articles in English Why are some NFTs worth millions? Due to its quite recent occurrence and even a more recent public acknowledgment, NFTs still remain the dark horses in the crypto industry. Therefore, let’s clarify that notion […]

Science & Technology

Instagram is set to double down on video ahead of 2022

Instagram looks to rethink what they offer especially with the rapid changes occurring globally. Outlined by the company’s head, Adam Mosseri, this includes focusing more on reels. 2022 Priorities 📝 This next year is going to be pivotal for Instagram. In addition to our industry-leading safety and wellbeing efforts, we’re focused on these four key […]

Finance & Economics

China and Singapore have bolstered their financial cooperation

The new initiatives have been announced


Robotics industry to face significant boost next year: research

According to ABI Research, robotics processor vendors will increasingly offer Robot Operating System (ROS)-based solutions for hardware acceleration across the entirety of robotics offerings. In fact, it is expected to help tackle the problem of system integration and entice developers to adopt more off-the-shelf processors and hardware. Besides, the hardware-software optimization will provide a set […]


Top 5 NFT marketplaces to watch closely in 2022

Today, we’re going to shed light on some of the top NFT marketplaces

Finance & Economics

Top 10 best performing shares of 2021

From cloud-based platforms to – here is a list of the stocks that have grown most during this turbulent year. The rating is based on the YTD growth data as provided by Marketwatch. 1. Upstart Holdings +265,57% 2. Synaptics Inc. +199% 3. Devon Energy Corp +181,47% 4. Asana Inc. +152,72% 5. Marathon Oil Corp. +147,08% […]