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TransferWise introduces GBP and EUR direct debits

Users can pay bills from anywhere in Europe whether it’s phone bill in France, electricity bill in England, or student loan in Spain


Mastercard provides AR experience for cardholders

Users get a fully immersive experience that can be easily accessed using a mobile device


Popular crypto platform opens to new payment options

Bitfinex demonstrates an ongoing commitment to expanding the crypto community


The EU launches new rules for consumer protection 

The rules are part of the so-called New Deal for Consumers that was adopted by the European Commission in April 2018 

Finance & Economics

UK’s credit card lending sets new records

Due to low inflation growth and economy stagnation worries, the whole European continent is experiencing low-interest rates 

Finance & Economics

Country which returns online orders the most revealed

Dutch customers are often able to use a return label that’s provided to them by the online retailer, compared to European


Internet of things set to double in the Middle East and Africa by 2023

The IoT market is forecasted to reach over $20 billion by 2023

Science & Technology

Facial recognition hardware growth estimated: research

Face ID on recent iPhones will be the fastest-growing form of smartphone biometric hardware

Finance & Economics

Over 1M complaints filed against UK banking products in 6 months

The average volume of complaints registered per 1,000 accounts dropped from 4.6 to 4.2 in 2019, compared to the second half of the year before

Science & Technology

Recent study on Dark Web reveals leading region in daily usage

Online anonymity was by far the most common reason globally for accessing Dark Web in 2019

Science & Technology

Top 5 marketing trends for 2020

We anticipate these trends to be leading in 2020


Mastercard unveils its music single 

Mastercard confirmed that today the sonic melody is integrated at more than 7.6 million payment points worldwide


Walmart opens a new technological store

The store will create about 100 new jobs

Science & Technology

Most vulnerable to low-tech fraud generation named

Millennials are somewhat safe from most defrauding techniques compared to their younger and elder counterparts

Bank of Lithuania

Lithuania revealed its largest investment flows

The manufacturing companies and companies engaged in financial and insurance activities had the largest investment inflows 


Uber acquires the Middle Eastern internet platform

Uber expands its influence across the Middle East region, with major markets including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE