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Finance & Economics

Canadians can now access investment advice online

RBC takes robo-advisor service national 

Science & Technology

Australia’s largest business bank to use Amazon Web Services

Australia’s largest business bank taps the world’s leading cloud to help accelerate mass migration and enhance security posture

Fintech & Ecommerce

UnionPay accepted for the first time in Montenegro

UnionPay acceptance network expands to 171 countries and regions


Uber’s rival becomes America’s largest bikeshare service

Lyft has acquired of America’s largest bikeshare service

Finance & Economics

Inflation: strategies to combat it

Let’s figure out why it is so bad, and why it is, however paradoxical this may seem, good

Blockchain & Crypto

American celebrities charged with ICO fraud

Both of them agreed to pay disgorgement, penalties, and interest


Japanese financial giants to create a new mobile bank

Companies have agreed to establish a joint venture to start a discussion on making a new bank


UK commuters spend more while traveling – research

UK commuter commerce to be worth 5.2 billion euros by 2022

Fintech & Ecommerce

Top 8 current fintech trends

Viktoriya Polyarush Social Media Coordinator, an avid reader with the passion for technology AUG Global With FinTech threatening to profoundly shake up traditional business models in industries ranging from insurance and banking to investment management, its soaring success and popularity are posing imminent challenges and opportunities for many existing players. It is an exciting time […]

Success story

Throwback Thursday: 5 great business giants that started in garages

All you need to launch a thriving business is an idea, capital, a place, and a little bit of luck. However, the practice has shown that some of these points can often be omitted


British logistics companies formed a joint venture

Six companies form major logistics company EV Cargo

Finance & Economics

Here’s how much average shopper spent on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend multichannel shopping up almost 40% over last year


Apple Pay soon will be available to more customers

In Europe, the proportion of payments made via smartphone continues to rise

Finance & Economics

Popular challenger bank partnered with fintech firm

Mobile-only Atom bank partners with Thought Machine

Fintech & Ecommerce

How to attract an investment – Invest Summit 2018

Once again Kyiv became a meeting place for the key players in business, entrepreneurship, and technology of the future

Blockchain & Crypto

How to read a cryptocurrency white paper

One of the main criteria for the viability of a white paper is its ability to answer four questions