Pakistan is set to introduce national digital ID wallet

The digital ID wallet will be stored via an updated version of the Pak-ID mobile app


Pakistan is set to introduce national digital ID wallet. Source:

Pakistan has unveiled its plans to introduce a national digital ID wallet.

The innovation is expected to allow Pakistani citizens store a digital version of their ID on their smartphone and display it when needed.

In fact, Pak ID mobile app was launched last September by Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). The launch enabled Pakistani citizens to remotely apply for a physical ID card via iOS or Android devices.

The verification process entailed scanning supporting documents and verifying identity by capturing biometric data including photographs and fingerprints.

The same technology will be used by NADRA to introduce the digital identity wallet. This will be done via an update of the Pak-ID app which is set to be accessible later this year.

The app is supported by two-factor authentication. NADRA will opt for a digital wallet after the successful testing by 75,000 Pakistanis.

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