People over 45 and unemployed face career challenges and ageism

A research report based on a survey of 3,800 employed and unemployed people, and 1,404 hiring managers to reveal global employment trends


People over 45 and unemployed face career challenges and ageism. Source:

According to a survey, those between the ages of 45-60 who are unemployed in India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, the United States and Spain face challenges that hinder employment opportunities.

37% of mid-career persons who are switching work and 50% who are looking for employment avenues note that the coronavirus pandemic impacted their employment prospects. Employers are also biased by viewing younger job seekers to be more experienced than those over the age of 45.

71% of those over the age of 45 see their age as an obstacle to getting jobs. Job seekers over the age of 45 from underrepresented communities are forced to engage in 53% more job interviews than the others.

Hiring managers also find that only 17% of applicants over the age of 45 are ready, 15% fit within the company culture and 18% hold the relevant experience or skills.

However, 87% of employees aged 45+ have a good and even better performance compared to the younger persons. 90% are also more likely to stay in a company in the long term compared to younger employees.

74% of 45+ have successfully trained and switched careers. 3 out of every 4 employers ascertain the need for relevant training and certifications when hiring.

Even when 45+ persons are likely to benefit from a job, 57% are reluctant to pursue it. However, 1% note that relevant training boosts their confidence. 70% of 45+ who would reap benefits from training struggle to achieve their daily needs while 63% either hold secondary school education or less.

This problem can be solved by improving global and national employment tracking and reporting. Also, this age group should be linked with relevant training programmes and employment avenues. Having more accommodative employment practices and changing training opportunities is recommended for persons aged 45 and above.

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