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PostePay: one of the leading Italian payment methods explained

Postepay features a number of different bank cards


PostePay: one of the leading Italian payment methods explained. Source:

The role of post offices in the world of online communications has undergone significant changes. For instance, their link to financial services established back in the 19th century has become more tangible. Many European countries have full-fledged postal banking systems often called Postbanks.

For instance, Poste Italiane played a pioneering role in the electronic money market in Italy. One of the most widely used online payment methods in Italy — Postepay — is a rechargeable prepaid card service. It features a number of different bank cards branded with Visa Electron or MasterCard logos and operated by Poste Italiane.

Poste Italiane S.p.A. (Italian Post) is the Italian national postal service provider headquartered in Rome. It’s jointly owned by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (35%), the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (29.6%), the Kuwait Investment Authority (2%) and other shareholders. The Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union too. Besides providing postal services, Gruppo Poste Italiane offers integrated communication, postal savings products, logistics, financial and insurance services throughout Italy to all Italian residents.

PostePay products


Poste Italiane played a pioneering role in the electronic money market in Italy. Source:

Postepay prepaid cards can be real physical cards or virtually issued. The main offers are:

  • Postepay Evolution. Customers can arrange to receive their salary or pension directly to this card using IBAN. It is also suitable for wire transfers and paying bills. The annual fee is €12. Its business version also makes international transfers possible. A physical POS, a Mobile POS or the Postepay Code service can be linked to the Postepay Evolution Business card. Both versions are Mastercard-branded.
    In addition, small loans can be requested online or directly at the post office by the PostePay Evolution cardholders. Those loans are paid back in 22 monthly installments and may have an amount from € 1000 to € 3000.
  • Postepay Standard. The standard option is a Visa prepaid card that costs €10 to issue and has no annual fees. Customers can use it for brick-and-mortar or online shopping all over the world. They can also withdraw cash at Postamat and bank ATMs.
  • Postepay Connect. Postepay Connect is the innovative offer that combines the Postepay Evolution prepaid card and the PosteMobile SIM. It costs €70 per year without additional activation fees. The exclusive services characteristic of this combo offer include G2G (free transfer of the gigabytes available from one SIM Connect to another) and P2P (transfer money from one Postepay card to another).
  • Postepay Impresa. It helps you do business, paying salaries, reimbursements, and compensation to employees and partners. The card is delivered by the company to the holder who must visit the post office with their ID to activate it. Both the company and the owner can recharge it. This corporate offer costs €2,50 for being issued.
  • Postepay Twin. Postepay Twin offer is made up of two cards: one to send money from and the other to receive money. The cards can also be used for all your purchases and withdrawals all over the world. You can buy them from any Post Office, and you can send the Postepay Twin to whoever you choose. Reload it and transfer money onto the card for as little as €1. The Twin card allows you to: make purchases up to €2.500 per year; withdraw up to €1.000 per year.

Postepay app


In the app, you can manage your cards. Source:

In the Postepay app, you can manage both your prepaid card(s) and PosteMobile SIM card. The most popular features are:

  • Contactless and QR-code payments. You can pay contactless with your Google Pay-enabled Android smartphone and your Postepay prepaid cards. If the merchant supports this service, you can scan the QR Code at the checkout counter with your smartphone and authorize the payment directly in the App.
  • Top-up. You can top up your prepaid card easily using the payment cards of other banks. Moreover, you can automate this process by setting a period and an amount for regular top-ups. Either PosteMobile SIMs or those of another operator can be recharged in the app too.
  • Customization & insights. Customers can change the withdrawal and payment limits or temporarily block these operations altogether, set the geographical area of ​​use, enable or disable contactless and web purchases. Monthly reports and statistics on your income and expenses help you get a better command over your finances.
  • SIM management. You can check and top up the balance on your PosteMobile SIM, view the remaining bonuses, check the Internet traffic details, and activate offers and promotions.
  • P2P and G2G. To send money to another Postepay user you don’t need any bank card numbers, their phone number or email in your contact book is enough. You can also exchange the gigabytes available in your PosteMobile SIM with the G2G, thanks to the Postepay Connect offer.
  • Remittance. If you have an Evolution Card, you can transfer money abroad thanks to the in-app integration of Western Union.
  • Transportation-related payments. Directly within the app, you can pay for the parking and fuel, buy metro and train tickets, pay car tax and bills, etc.
  • Enhanced security. You can authorize e-commerce purchases and online transactions with PosteID, fingerprint, or faceID.
  • Savings. The digital piggy bank will help you set some money aside for your aims and objectives.
  • Cashback. Find the stores closest to you participating in ScontiPoste, earn cashback for purchases with your Postepay cards, and view the accumulated discounts.
  • Search. The app will also help you locate the nearest Post Offices and Postamat ATMs.

How it works


A person does not need a bank account to have a Postepay card. Source:

A person does not need a bank account to have a Postepay card. They can buy the card at a post office providing identity documents. The cardholder must register the card online before use. Afterward, they can reload the card with more funds at any of the nationwide post office locations or Postamat ATMs.

Virtual e-Postepay cards can be registered online.

In 2017, Masterpass was integrated into the new Postepay App. This Mastercard global digital platform for online payments eliminates the need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every purchase. Therefore, Postepay users can handle their online shopping with ease. By the way, that same year, there were more than 13 million Postepay cardholders – representing 25% of the e-commerce in Italy.


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