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Revolut says goodbye to a major market

Revolut now operates across more than 30 countries

Revolut Canada

Revolut says goodbye to a major market. Source:

Revolut, the UK-based startup, is leaving the Canadian market from March 2021, according to

Effective 29th March, users will not get access to the account top-up services. And from 12th April, physical card ordering will not be available while Revolut account access will be unavailable from 15th May. Customers have the option of using the remaining balances before then. However, if this deems impossible, Revolut will issue refunds in full.

Since 2019, the startup has been working towards the launch of Canadian services. In November 2019, Revolut began the provision of early accounts to Canadians before the official launch. However, the launch did not materialize.

We’ve reported that Revolut shifts to a permanent remote working model.


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